Rebound 4 Success




I believe organized, intentional and relentless practice builds character and elevates individuals to mastery. I’m not overly concerned with the wins and losses. I’m obsessed with the habits that lead to the process and strategy that creates sustainable metrics-based impact.


    Coach Rice offers one-on-one and group results coaching for individuals who are ready and willing to be the epitome of the next level. His knowledge, expertise and collaborative approach shifts clients from learner to leader to champion by using self-discovery as the building block to self-mastery. He trains and empowers clients to create and enhance their own systems that yield impactful results in their mindset, health, relationships and wealth.

    There are 3 levels of coaching plans available. All plans have a minimum 90-day contract.

    • One on One Coaching
    • Group Coaching


    “He is a Coach who is sincere and truly holds you accountable for your personal development. Working with Coach Rice these past few months, I have learned to communicate more productively, identify my weaknesses and strengths, work towards my personal/professional development, and healing in a healthy way.”

    Non-Profit Professional
    Charleston, SC


    “Coach Rice used various techniques to challenge me mentally and emotionally, while using his incredible skill and authenticity to guide me on this journey. Since working with him, I have watched my life completely change for the better.”

    Higher Education Professional
    Washington, DC


    “While I made the decision to steer my life in a more positive direction, I would be remiss if I did not attribute a large handful of my healing and success to my collaboration with Coach Rice. Thank you for helping me grow, reflect, and evolve.”

    Police Officer
    Washington, DC


    “Anyone who employs Coach Rice as a coach would greatly benefit personally and professionally. I highly recommend his services and look forward to my continue personal growth and our professional partnership!”

    Financial Professional
    Baltimore, MD


    “The 4 ANIMALS EXPERIENCE was both informative and reassuring. The information I received gave me clarity on things I thought I understood about myself. There is power is understanding how to leverage your preferences, even the ones deemed not the most attractive. Knowing and understanding your dominate animal feels like starting superpower training!”

    Entertainment Professional
    New York, NY


    “The 4 ANIMALS EXPERIENCE was so amazing. I appreciate Coach Rice breaking down that there is no right or wrong animal. Instead he showed me how I can rock my super power which is the Flamingo. I highly recommend people, couples, families, leaders and organizations to take this assessment. Find out how you and your team can work more efficient and know your super power/animal.”

    Life Coach & Make-Up Artist
    Toledo, OH